Runescape Legends Quest

However, being back to the outside does give you a chance to restock on supplies for the next battle. Players that leave during the conflicts will need another Charge Orb spell to get through the doorway again. If you have no intentions of killing Viyeldi, you still have to accept that the dagger from Echned, as the dagger must be given to Ungadulu so as to proceed With the quest. Proceed to where the eye is, and use the crystal on a mossy stone there. Go to the south to find a shimmering field, which the crystal will now open when you set it in a heart-shaped recess near it. On the other side of this barrier are just three lower demons, and past them, is the source of the pure water.
Legends' Quest osrs quest
You should make your way from east to west, since the cave you’ll need to visit after talking to Gujuo is at the west. While in this portion of the cave you should collect some of Ungadulu’s notes, they can be located on the desk, by the crate and onto the bed. The notes inform you Ungadulu was preparing a ritual from the cave to summon and pay homage to his ancestors however a wicked existence filled the cave and he fell prey to it.
At the start of the conflict, your Prayer is going to be halved, and you ought to use the sacred force spell to weaken him. He fights with an extremely ineffective magic attack at the start of the struggle, and he will soon realise that it does not function and will change to melee. Defeat him however you’d like, then push the boulder out of the way of the water’s flow. Head back into the water pond, and refill your bowl .

  • Cut your way through the jungle wall by employing a Machete and axe.
  • As a general note, quest guides which are available on the /v/scape wikidot are somewhat more precise than those on the Oldschool Runescape wiki.
  • To pick it up click’Lift’ and the totem pole will look on your inventory.
  • After beating him, then push the boulder to reestablish the water’s flow.

Collect the ardrigal and snake bud employing the map over. Mix them with a vial of water for a bravery potion. If you chose the very long path, Nezikchened will not summon the undead heroes due to being diminished by the holy force spell, but you should be careful as he will hit four times before the battle. Do not forget to germinate them with the holy water.
Now, go back to the pure water and cut a new reed. Then fill up your blessed bowl and apply the Yommi seeds . Call Gujuo with all the Bullroarer and ask him what to do. He will inform you that you need to plant the seeds. Learn more about RuneScape Runecrafting Guide here. Go look for a place of fertile ground and attempt using the seeds on them. It will say you need water for growing the seeds with.
The Radimus Scrolls, Charcoal, Papyrus, Hatchet, and Machete have for the part of the quest. Before you put in the Kharazi Jungle you will understand that a Forester in the entrances. Talk to him and say you plan on mapping the overseas lands of S. The quickest way to do this is teleport to Ardougne then take the boat to Brimhaven, Karamja.

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