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OSRS Lizard Shaman Guide

Shamans are not to be underestimated. They live in Zeah, mostly in the Shayzien House and they can use both melee weapons as well as magic attacks which makes them a force to reckon with when fighting against one of these Lizard Shamans.

If you want a chance at getting that coveted Dragon Warhammer then take on this challenge if you dare!

How To Get To Lizard Shamans In OSRS

Take Xeric’s talisman, and use it to teleport across the many lands. Once you have arrived at your destination: run southeast towards a mountain guide that will take you back up north near Shayziens’ Wall; once there, head west past some lizardman brutes who hope their luck is good enough for them not be stomped on by any large creatures when they cross paths with one of those terrifying lizards – if so unfortunate as being caught in its claws or teeth- then continue northwest until reaching Lizardman Caves where shamans are waiting inside.

OSRS Lizard Shaman Requirements

  • 100% Favour in the Shayzien House
  • 75+ Ranged
  • Completed Hard Kourend Diaries
  • 80+ Agility

Recommended Gear For Lizard Shamans

Many of the items needed to fight Shamans are relatively easy to obtain. Some like Ava’s Assembler or Toxic Blowpipe can be bought online through OSRS items shop.

One of the most important things that you need to know is how to get a full set of Shayzien Armor. Each piece will give you 20% chance at dodging attacks from Shamans, so with five pieces on hand, your chances jump up big time! You should be aware that they can hit hard and fast but if you have all 5 armour pieces equipped then their attack won’t hurt for long- 100% dodge rate guaranteed!

You can obtain the Shayzien Tier 5 Armor by fighting and defeating warriors in the Combat Ring located within. There are five tiers of armor you must collect, but each tier is split into stages that need to be completed before moving onto a higher level. For example, if I’m at stage 3 for T1 gear sets then with my victory over another warrior who drops T2 gear set pieces (i.e., headgear or gloves) then not only will I get these new items; it’ll also advance me on up one whole step to Stage 4 of this same piece’s respective tier.

You’re guaranteed to obtain the full set in five kills, so you will need 25 total kills to advance each tier. It is possible for Shamans without this armor if it can be quite challenging and tedious. However, it is not recommended because all of these pieces are great but your helmet could change with a different piece instead.

A great way to fight Shamans is with the Toxic Blowpipe. This weapon has a poison effect that can be deadly for anyone it hits, and this includes Shaman! It’s important to know which type of weapons will work best against certain monsters so you don’t waste your time or money trying something else out if it won’t work in combat. For example, some players use the Twisted Bow because they are able to deal more damage than other bows but many people like myself find them too expensive.

If you want an alternative bow that still does decent damage without breaking the bank then I recommend using Rune Crossbows instead as their level doesn’t matter when fighting enemies such as shamans who have low levels themselves anyway

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