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Masses won’t matter as Callisto is unlikely to turn up to confront his or her intentions. As Callisto resides in level Wilderness, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to escape from PKers because you are near or in dragonstone teleporting range at Vet’ion and Venenatis. His smallest Defence reward is his slash defence, using a total of +104 slash defence, therefore Godswords on slash should be utilized to take advantage of the weakness.
The most common strategy to use at Callisto is full Veracs since Callisto has extremely high melee defences. Callisto is a Bear boss located south of the Domonic Ruins within the jungle. If your plan is to fight Callisto at his habitat, then be careful as the area is very spacious and is a complete multi-way area, meaning a player could be immediately piled and get a fast departure from PKers. Even though Callisto does have elevated Defence, he’s weakest to slash strikes.
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You might also use a revenant cave teleport then run east. Melee remains the better option when battling the Callisto boss. The best choice for tagging Callisto would be to throw Vulnerability since it might land and reduce his Defence, which will bring about a slightly faster kill. Duo to his high defences, weapons that may bypass him are commonly used, such as Verac the Defiled’s gear. Please Don’t Hesitate to contact us by online chat, email or skype if you have any questions. To secure spot Callisto, you’ll first need to tag himthen walk east to the lower demon, then run south to the eastern edge of the poison spiders.
In case the player does not bring a godsword, they could bring a set of Verac’s instead, as the set blows off his defences and may hit hard. But this makes the player an appealing goal for PK’ers that sometimes appear at Callisto’s domain. Callisto is a level 470 bear that are available south of the Demonic Ruins. He is murdered for the valuable tyrannical ring and Callisto cub, though he could also drop the dragon 2h sword and dragon pickaxe.
If you’re mid-level, it’s suggested that you use range. The recommendation would be to have at least level 80 Attack and 85 strength foundation before fighting Callisto. Hope our Callisto guide OSRS can help you learn more about this monster. Should you need cheap OSRS gold, you could come to our site and get some at any time.
If a pker seems like he knows he is doing, put on in your tank equipment, pray mage, and throw on augury. Augury works great to get away from pkers because they are going to try and freeze you to prevent you. Anytime you get frozen, they are going to begin to either range you or melee you, for the most part, therefore concentrate two and keep augury on. Stay at this place until Calisto moves by the two marked tiles to the north, then visit the east tile, finally run north.
If players manage to escape PKers, they may be attacked by the toxin spiders that occupy the patch of land just south of the location. Antipoison can also be utilized if the player decides to run directly past them while going to Callisto. Check out this post to learn more about OSRS Barrows Guide today. When battling Callisto, he can be soloed easily as the fight isn’t as long or dangerous (Vet’ion requires a time with two kinds, and Venenatis can potentially one-tick players).

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