Benefits Horror From The Deep Osrs Quest

She alters color, and each color represents either an elemental magic spell, melee, or ranged. She can just be damaged by whatever the color she’s represents. A level 100 Dagannoth will come out of the water and begin attacking you. It only uses melee, so should not be too difficult to kill protect from melee.
If you haven’t attracted all battle styles, but only one or 2, you should visit the north-east component of the cavern. There are stalagmites which you can use to ensure you won’t get hit if you can not attack her. Wait until her colour changes to a style which you can use, and then go on until she changes color again. It takes more than the first way, but it can be far safer also. Learn more about Old School RuneScape Herblore Training here. You can bring one combat style, but if you would like to complete the monster fast you should bring more battle styles.
Horror from the Deep OSRS Quest

  • The monster will change its colour after some strikes.
  • The rewards for The Holy Grail are two Quest points, 11,000 Prayer expertise, 15,300 Defence experience, Access to the Fisher Realm, Ability to place King Arthur picture on the wall in the Construction skill.
  • Access to Mort Myre Swamp and the Nature Spirit altar, where you are able to replenish and temporarily boost your prayer points by 2, ability to fight ghasts, 3 beef pies and 3 apple pies till they had been rotted by the ghasts.
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  • This is a very intriguing quest and of course, highly recommended for you, the Horror from the Deep quest is based on the mysterious disappearance of Jossik, keeper of the Lighthouse near the Fremennik Province.

With this quest, you need 25 Agility, The ability to conquer a level 172 Black demon, safes portable for Ranged and Magic or melee using a halberd.
The Dagannoth Mother has high defense versus melee and ranged, but reduced magical defense and could be safespotted. You want anything that fosters your magical damage, so bring your best mage equipment, a stack of air runes, any elemental staves/runes you’ve got and the maximum grade of catalytic runes (mind/chaos/death/blood) that it is possible to spare. She will change colors randomly, and utilizes ranged and melee.

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